Geelong’s high performance sustainable home builder

Crafting Beautiful, Efficient, and Healthy Homes
Our team specializes in designing and constructing stunning homes that are both efficient and healthy for your family to live in.

About Us

Green With Envy specialises in high-performance energy efficient buildings, designed and constructed to keep your family living environment healthy, eco-friendly and affordable.

Thanks to our industry-leading methods, we maximise the comfort of your home while giving you the peace of mind that you have made a responsible choice for now and the future.

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With every new project our philosophy is simple but effective, Win-Win-Win

We ask if we, our staff, contractors, suppliers and consultants are proud of what we have constructed and how we created it.

We ask if our clients are proud to live in their happy and healthy new home.

We ask if by building this home with GWEH, we’ve helped our planet by using our sustainable building methods and procedures.