Sustainable Building

I want to build sustainably, not be ‘Green Washed’. Where do I start?

Solar panels, heat pumps, off-grid, heat recovery ventilation, low emissions, double glazed, triple glazed, embodied energy, solar gains, R- values, U- values, reduce, reuse, recycle, 6,7,8,9,10 stars, all electric, passive design, passive haus, thermal bridges, responsibly sourced, carbon neutral… but where to start?

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It can be overwhelming once you dive in, but not to fear! Green With Envy Homes is here.

Come in for an initial meeting and we can just have a no-obligation chat. Bring along all those questions you have (don’t worry if they sound silly). There’s no pressure to sign up, plus, we love to educate people on green building. We can talk about the different ways the building industry is moving forward, so you feel confident that you are making the responsible choice and not being ‘Green Washed’.

Here are a few simple tips we recommend before choosing your ‘green’ builder:

  • Visit their construction sites. Are they well maintained and have a recycling set up? Or is there construction waste all over the site and overfilled bins blowing rubbish everywhere?
  • Visit their website and social media (thanks for visiting ours). Do they focus on what is important to your beliefs?
  • Are they members of relevant organisations? Do they have the relevant education and certificates?

At Green with Envy Homes we are proud to be:

Domestic Builder Unlimited RBP-70606 with VBA
HIA member
HIA Greensmart Professional
Passivehouse Tradesperson
APHA member (Australian Passive House Association)
Builders Declare member
Australian Professional Builders Member

Does it cost extra to build a green home?

Unfortunately, many people think that high-performing, energy efficient, sustainable homes are out of their price range.

This is simply not true. We believe everybody should be proud to say they live in a home that benefits the earth and keeps them happy and healthy.

By considering all the relevant factors during the planning stage, and aligning with the ‘GWEHs’ non-negotiable everyday systems and procedures’ your new home is already ahead of other builders’ without costing extra. It will also save you more on your future bills.


Thanks to the amazing new technology available to us and the industry experts we work with

We can work within your budget and provide the best advice about what benefits you can gain from different upgrades to your home.

After this, if your budget allows and you really want to upgrade to the next level of performance, we are here to guide you through all the different options available.