Insulation and Thermal Imaging

During winter, the cold can get into your house in many ways, and not just through air gaps. This is the same for heat in the summer.

Thankfully we have the latest technology in Thermal cameras. During construction and at completion, these allow us to find all the cold spots in your house that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We can then eliminate or decrease their impact severely.


Our insulation installation is the best going around.

Unfortunately, there are no checks or inspections when it comes to other builders doing it correctly.

Yes, you may have received an energy efficiency rating with your Building Permit, but after that it is up to the builder and trades to oversee that process without final certification. That is why when you go to many new builds you find the insulation incorrectly installed, using the wrong R-Value required, or even just large areas missed. Once that plaster goes on, unless you have a thermal camera, you have no way of knowing what is happening inside you walls, roof and ceiling.


Another way the outside temperatures find their way inside is through ‘Thermal bridging’.

It is the transfer of the outside temperature to the interior via the materials used in your construction.

Think of how cold a piece of steel is on a chilly morning. In your home a product like this is grabbing that outside chill and sending it through the frame into you living area.

That is why it is important to find these ‘bridges’ during the construction or design process (once again with our thermal camera) and correct them.

At the end of construction, we provide a detailed thermal imaging report, complete with photos and videos.

This provides you with the peace of mind your home is working at its maximum efficiency to keep your energy bills down, give you a healthier internal environment and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.