What are the differences in custom home builders?

Custom home builders come in many forms

many focus on general everyday construction to standard building practices.

Others will have a specialty or ‘niche’ aspect of construction style they specialize in.

Such specialties include high performing eco efficiency, kitchen remodels, high end mansions, or decks & pergolas.

Most Custom home builders will have a mixture of specialties that make up their style. 

International team of doctors having morning breefing

A good analogy is to think of custom builders as specialized doctors. 

Imagine your Volume builder as your General Practitioner (GP).

Their builds are trying to build to a large generalized market, like a GP is the first point of call for most health-related issues.  

If you do not find the answer you are looking for from the Volume Builder/GP, you then head to a specialist who specializes in what you really need to meet your needs, like  a builder who’s expertise is in Solar Design or a doctor who specializes in heart transplants. 

You also need to find the right builder for your specialized needs.

After all you don’t go to a dermatologist if you need knee surgery, just like you do not go to a bathroom renovator if you want to build a Passivehaus. 

At Green with Envy Homes we specialize in high performing eco efficient new homes, extensions & renovations. Even if you had not been thinking of this style, we integrate this into all our homes through our everyday practice’s, because we believe every family deserves to live in a healthy efficient home while not forgetting the luxury & quality you desire.

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