Sheridan St, Hamlyn Heights, Wadawurrung Country. From 1 star to 8 stars! (Under Construction)

This 50 year old house is given a second life with an Extension & full Renovation to bring it from a Freezing cold house in Winter & a steaming sweat box in Summer to a comfortable home all year round.

This 1 star home has been retrofitted to an Amazing 8 STAR efficiency!. While most builders & designers are scratching their heads at how to get to the new 7 star minimum requirement on a new home, we are eclipsing that rating, using our expertise to update this 50 year old glorified ‘tent’.  If you continue down this page we have a description on how we achieved this below the photos.

The brief from the owners was to upgrade their existing house to a modern home focusing on the efficiency of how the completed project would work while at the same time using sustainably responsible materials & construction methods.

Their goal was to give their home, as they have titled the project, “50 more times around the sun” .

How we were able to create this dream for them include methods such as

  • Early collaboration between the clients, builder, architect & energy efficiency certifiers was essential to keep every aspect on the build considered & on budget
  • Architects maximizing the passive solar design, using the sun to determine where & what size to place certain windows, where shading elements need to be applied, thermal mass heating & cooling considerations, existing trees for shading, & many other elements.
  • Replacing old single glazed aluminum windows & doors with highly efficient, double glazed ‘low E’ UPVC airtight windows & doors
  • ‘Tilt & Turn’ window openings to minimize air leakage
  • Creating a complete ‘insulation envelope’ in all floors walls & ceiling
  • Re-using as many existing materials as possible (floorboard, wall lining etc.)
  • Completing an ‘airtight’ barrier & getting a ‘blower door’ test to find where exterior air is infiltrating the home & eliminate them
  • Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation to take the stale dirty air outside & inject fresh clean air inside
  • Certified sustainable Cypress cladding & posts to the exterior
  • Certified sustainable Plywood kitchen & joinery
  • Recycled from plastic ‘grated’ decking
  • Recycle as many materials from demolition as possible
  • Solar panels
  • All electric
  • Certified sustainable Cork based vinyl flooring & walls (tip: check out the amazing benefits of cork when building your new home!)
  • plus many more

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