They didnt go ‘all the way’, buts Okay (sustainability wise) (BLOG)

I receive many enquiries from excited new prospects,

keen to build a great new home that is highly efficient, sustainable & beautiful all at the same time.

More than often, they call me & are after a fully PassiveHouse or an 8-9 star energy efficient designed & built home, using sustainable materials, along with having all the modern bells & whistles.

Environment day concept

Unfortunately, with the recent inflation pressures

in the construction industry on all labour, materials & insurances, these excited new customers are quickly bought back to earth with a thud once they learn just how much such a home will cost.

They start feel guilty & irresponsible that they are not going to be able to build their sustainable dream home that will benefit both the planet & their family, and quickly drop their expectations, and just go back to the current ‘standard’ home methods being used in Australia because it all seems too hard.

If this sounds like your recent dealing

when going down the sustainable building models, I would like you to not give up on your dreams.


Sure, maybe you cannot go ‘all the way’ with what you had in your mind from the start, but you can still make a big difference with the choices you make when building your new home.


Don’t feel guilty that you can’t do everything, be proud that you can do something.


It maybe only one decision in your home that you went that little bit extra on, but it is damn better than nothing.


Dreaming little girl with a book

It may be as simple as

upgrading your appliances to more efficient ones, choosing a recycled material in one material selection, keeping a space free on your block for your new veggie garden, or maybe a mix of a few.

All these little things do add up.


The best way to achieve the maximum efficiency for your budget is to use a designer & builder who specialize in this type of construction and can guide you through all the different decisions needed.

The earlier you get your designer & builder in the process, the better your home will perform.


So, follow this advice and there is no more need to feel guilty for not going ‘all the way’.



Thanks so much for reading, please feel free to tell me about your thoughts on this subject.

Jared, Green with Envy Homes

Vegetable garden

What are your thoughts? Id love to hear them.

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